★·.·´¯`·.·★ types of dounuts ★·.·´¯`·.·haiku

donuts are awesome!

types: maple glaze, chocolate dipped, strawberry frosted donut , cinnamon sugar donut, jelly donut, caramel cork donuts (credit to Dave Bakes.), marble frosted donut, apple crumb donut, blueberry donut,


donuts donuts i love donuts donuts big and small  donuts all shapes and sizes i love them!




all about me

 Hi my name is Claire. I'm from Alberta, Canada and I like blogging 
about animals and other things. My favorite food is sushi(California rolls).
 I  love basketball. My favorite book is Zoobreak by Gordon Korman.
I want to get a violin which is my favorite instrument.
My nicknames:Kid, Clairebear, Sister Golden Hair, Buddy and Dudeness
My favorite drink is sprite
and my favorite place is Sparwood BC Canada
and i have a cat
Claire Salonen